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Recording your gameplay on PS4 is very easy. The console automatically records the last 15 minutes of whatever game you're currently.

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DiscussionRecording COD gameplay ( PS4 Share Button: Take a look at this

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share menu settings how to record a gameplay video on ps4. First, hold down the “Share” button on your PlayStation 4 controller to open up the Share menu.

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The idea of being able to record your own gameplay, share it with the world, and even invite others to play on your console for you remotely.

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Have you ever wondered how to record PS4 gameplay for saving your amazing achievements or making video tutorials for newbies?.

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Both the PS4 and the Xbox One promised to help gamers avoid that of gameplay, allowing your console can work like a gameplay DVR.

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Currently there is no theater mode in WWII but you can capture the last 15 minutes of gameplay from your PS4 with the Share button.