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Setting GOPATH. The GOPATH environment variable specifies the location of your workspace. If no GOPATH is set, it is assumed to be $HOME/go on Unix.

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This page helps you set your GOPATH environment variable after installing go. The GOPATH environment variable is a directory where all Go.

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You don't need to set $GOROOT variable, it's automatically set. $GOPATH is also set to a default directory, it's set to your user's home directory.

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Install the Go tools; Test your installation; Uninstalling Go; Getting help (If you'd like to use a different directory, you will need to set the GOPATH environment.

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Just add the following lines to ~/.bashrc and this will persist. However, you can use other paths you like as GOPATH instead of $HOME/go in my sample.

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Create the GOPATH variable and reference your newly-created Go work-space. Go back to your Control Panel and navigate to System and.

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Create the GOPATH environment variable and reference your Go workspace path. To add, click System, Advanced system settings.

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Installing Go on your system, setting up environment variables, Hence, it is not absolutely necessary to setup GOPATH environment variable.

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The bin directory where go install and go get will place binaries after building main packages. Generally this is set to somewhere on the system PATH so that.

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As of Go , if you don't set a GOPATH, the default will be used. In older releases had to set it explicitly, but for ease of use, a default has been.