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Keep the temperature lower to avoid stretching and shrinking. For a brighter, longer lasting adult onesie reduce the size of the washer load.

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Different materials shrink differently and require different methods of shrinking, so it's important to determine what the garment is made of before you try shrinking.

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Onesie, Pajama and Sleepwear Care and Washing Instructions. We have detailed the level of shrinking for each size and fabric below. We hope you love your.

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Role: Adult Baby, Sissy. Oct 24, #3. You will get the maximum shrinkage the first time you wash the onesie. Wash it in the hottest water.

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I tend to find AB products are designed for big adults, even in the small sizes. if your attempts of shrinking don't work try a onesie that is a size.

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Washing If you're washing your Kigurumi for the first time, we recommend using the gentlest setting on your washing machine using cold water and any laundry.