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you do now? Here are some things to do right after cracking your phone's screen. . We have plenty of suggestions on how to keep using an old smartphone.

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We've all been there — a moment of clumsiness or carelessness has led to that telltale spider web starting on your phone's screen. Learn more.

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How to fix a cracked, scratched or broken smartphone screen without If your phone screen shatters, you can stop it getting worse by buying a.

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Once the screen does crack, the possibility of the crack spreading can be high. you will be able to use the phone normally without making the crack spread.

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So, it's worth taking precautions to avoid cracking the screen on your beloved mobile phone. Here's a short list of things to note. First, water is.

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How to Fill a Cracked Screen With Toothpaste A tiny crack in a cellphone screen is not fatal to the LCD's integrity but it does distract the user. You can fill the.

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You drop your phone and the screen shatters. Ugh. While you've probably been smart about putting your critical data on the cloud—right?.

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Here is what you should do if you crack your smartphone's screen . Phone dropping is hard to avoid but you should consider giving your.

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You don't have to buy a new phone. Okay, so your phone screen is cracked. (Also, a cracked screen just doesn't look that good.) Pelosi Says House Will Move 'Swiftly' On Resolution To Stop Trump's Wall Declaration.