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How do I tag my friends at a location? How do I upload and post a photo to my friend’s timeline? But I wanna add more than friends tagged in my uploaded pic.

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Click on “Select Photo to Upload” 2. Click on “Post Photo” 3. Now again go into your folder where you have uploaded the photo. 4. Now open the photo in new.

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We all know facebook has restricted the tagging frequency by 5 in mobile uploads. Which means we can't tag more than 5 friends for our.

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You might find many-many scripts [1] or tricks to use for auto tagging and mentioning all of your facebook friends on posts, comments and.

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Facebook Groups Fundamentals · · no responses. Do you know how to tag your Facebook groups members? Click “Tag Friends” in a post.

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Facebook allows you to share your photographs and tag your friends to In order to tag more than 50 friends (the limit is still restricted to ).