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This was an interesting project, and I thought it would be easy! actually it's pretty straight forward, and with a little planning I had the big arch cut and assembled.

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Updated molding can give a room and window a fresh look. Learn how to install trim on a tricky arched window.

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Typical rectangular or square windows are easy enough to trim using degree miters. But when you have an arch, miters become more complicated.

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Curved window trim capture and layout. My friend Luc is in the process of finishing up his very unique log house. He made use of used building materials where.

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Learn how to use regular molding to do the trim around your arched windows and doorways. This "How-To" article will save you from having to purchase.

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I got a side job doing trim on a unfinished house but the trouble is that I haven't had to do an arched opening. The trim is to be MDF 2 1/4 ogee.