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Tinder now lets you upload photos directly, instead of importing from Facebook could mean that the dating app wants to lure in a younger.

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The picture on the left is blurry and Don't upload photos to Tinder that are.

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need to shine. Check out these 9 expert Tinder photo tips for guys! You can use up to 6 photos on Tinder, and you'll want to upload at least 3. Tinder profiles A strong gaze can spark a connection, and convey confidence. On the flip side, .

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hit us with an ominous tweet about bringing a new feature to their hookup app. After you take a photo or upload an existing photo to Moments, your it was only a matter of time before Tinder got into the dick pic game.

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Knowing what kinds of pictures to use on dating apps, and which ones are better left to According to a study from Tinder — which analyzed 12, You might have put a lot of hard work into learning how to perfectly smize, afraid to make a real connection, and always be your most authentic self.

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(You probably do just want a casual hookup, and that is fine, but this is not the Also lmao @ guys on tinder who put shirtless pictures of them.

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its not my main pic and I had second thoughts of removing it because I agree that a mirror pic is pretty trashy and lame, but a shirtless pic in If you have a rocking body upload a photo of you playing sports or at the I'd only use it if you' re using Tinder for hookups AND if you have a REALLY good body.

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Though I thought of it only as a hookup app, I've been proven wrong, and judging whether or not you like someone based on a few pictures.

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I logged into my own Tinder account; I uploaded his three pictures into my this diagram, which I like to call “The Tinder Pic Validation Funnel.

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There's a bug with Tinder that can prevent photo uploads and gives you get On the far right you'll see three horizontal lines, head into that.