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And does the chain shot just take out the masts and such of other ships? You can also use Chain Shot when you're up against multiple Man.

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Looking forward and pressing RT fires Chain Shot, maybe you should have waited for it to cool down before releasing LT and hitting RT right.

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Press and hold the "Right Mouse Button" to aim, use your mouse to selecting the target press the ''left mouse button'' to shoot the pistol.

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I had issues at first, because I played it like AC3 naval combat. . I ended up stop trying to use the CHain Shot but that's preference I guess.

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A series of articles covering Assassin's Creed 3. Once again, if you have not played at least some of the Naval the ammo submenu to switch the cannons from ball to Chain shot. Next, switch to full sail and chase down the Man-O-War. Use the intervening time to shoot down the schooners and gunboats.

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Close to 50 times I've played this. Use chain shots to keep them in their spots, then ram them from the front . % sync sucked in AC