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Hi All, I am looking to emulate a layer3 switch in GNS3 for practising CCNP image to run EthernetSwitch Router (Multilayer Switch) in GNS3.

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As most of you know, you can get switch-like capabilities in GNS3 by You can even use it to emulate a multilayer switch, as I will now.

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In this post, we will explain how to add a layer 3 switch in GNS3. You may also like: How to add and use traditional switches in GNS3.

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Use this if all you need is a basic switch to connect devices in a GNS3 . as opposed to the IOSvL2 multilayer switch VM from Cisco VIRL.

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i am confusing e is router or multilayer switch if it is a router then how can i add a multilayer switch in my topology i am really confused.

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Hello All, Anybody here use GNS3 for network simulator? I know that I can use IOS in GNS3 as a multilayer switch, but when I tried to.

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Instead of having a switch and a RoaS router, we use a single device: a multilayer switch. You can see this new device in the middle (we will.

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I've been getting questions about switches in GNS3 so decided to write this article explaining which switching protocols you can or cannot use.

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I recently did a post on Layer 2 switches in GNS3 now I'm going to show you how to setup a layer 3 switch with in GNS3. What is the difference?.

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In this example we will create 2 VLANs on multilayer switch,router traffic between For info how to connect GNS3 routers to the internet see f1/1 SW(config-if) switchport access vlan 3!configure f1/1 to allow traffic for VLAN3.