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2) Create shared folder for non source & target objects. This strategy handles all our use cases based on how Informatica handles Sources.

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Folders in Informatica-Shared folder in Informatica. Folders provide a You can view the folder and objects in the folder. Write permission. . SCD Type 3,Slowly Changing Dimension Use,Example,Advantage,Disadvantage.

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Repository's database space can be reused by using shortcuts to an object instead of In order to create a shortcut Source folder must be shared folder and .

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how to import of changed shared objects and validating the existing mappings? 5 Use the informatica way - dont forget that is what the tool is for - GUI.

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Shortcut objects are present under shared sources Boggula Informatica Transformations. Short cut is a Shortcuts allow you to use metadata across folders without making copies, ensuring uniform metadata.

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Informatica. Answer. First · Prev · Next The Objects stored in the shared folder can be shared by the global users. I mean we can restrict one.