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Flag, Description, Default, Default Group*, Type. passthrough, Use allow to have this region treated as a region that doesn't check build.

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Flags are defined using the /region flag command, as illustrated below for the / region flag spawn pvp deny /region flag spawn greeting Welcome to spawn!.

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Just wanted to make this thread for anyone who was trying to get the entry group flag to work with Worldguard, to prevent or allow certain.

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Check which WorldGuard version you need to use from FAQ in order to the plugin to work properly! WorldGuard Extra Flags is extension to.

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There are many flags you can play with, for this. You can get a list of region flags using the command /region flags get region-name>.

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Added a new exit-override flag that can be used on an entry=allow region that players can Added better support for MC blocks (regarding the use flag, etc. ).

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4 days ago greeting, and some other Region Flags. use-player-teleports. TRUE. Whether teleport events should be considered when tracking player.

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Most of you probably already know how to use the basic commands of WorldGuard, and can create a Use /rg flag region-name> entry deny.

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There are 2 permission for this plugin, one for use the mod commands and the other to bypass the region flags, both can be choosen in the.

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"/rg flag __global__ block-cmds /sell" I then set the region __global__ as the parent region of my city which is called "sc". I still could not use the.