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K6LCS shows you how to get started with amateur radio satellites - using equipment most hams already own!.

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These articles appeared over the course of several editions of The AMSAT Journal from to Unfortunately, because both satellites (and Web.

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Visit this site to download a tutorial covering the satellite basics

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You only need a licence if you intend to TRANSMIT, e.g. use one of the Visit as many amateur radio satellites web sites on the internet as you can. In particular.

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Simon 2E0HTS has released a video that shows him making contacts via the amateur radio satellite SO This satellite carries an FM transponder that.

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The SSB/CW linear transponder amateur radio satellites such as VO are great fun to work but the technique required is different to that used for the FM.

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This page is listing the Amateur radio satellites. Select any Amateur radio satellite listed to learn additional details, perform live tracking or see satellite's passes.

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WORKING THE EASY SATS. An Informal Introduction to the. Amateur Satellite Program plus. Hints on Using the More. Easily Accessed Satellites. WORKING.