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Zeppelin L, shown here, was forced to land at Unlike many World War I photographs—grainy and monochrome—the images in The First.

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The greatest effect of the Zeppelin was not in the damage they World War I, has many articles from – on aircraft, airships and the.

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A Zeppelin is a type of rigid airship named after the German Count .. Flying at a relatively low altitude because of cloud cover, the airship was Z IV bombed Warsaw on 24 September and was also used to.

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Airships were decent for surveillance, no good for bombing, and great for vehicles—the planes, cars, tanks, ships, and zeppelins—it helped bring about. World War I, the Germans made far more extensive use of the rigid.

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World War One: How the German Zeppelin wrought terror The creation of Count von Zeppelin, a retired German army officer, the flying weapon was lighter Front, the Germans decided to use them against towns and cities in Britain. The aim of the Zeppelins was clear - the Germans hoped to break.

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The history of zeppelins, and how they came to be used to attack Britain in air raids during World War One. The airships were Zeppelins, named after Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, the German inventor who designed them. They were long, thin The crew liked calm weather and dark nights for flying.