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Eric the Midget vs Vince dr. sweet baby . Eric the Midget calls Howard Stern 8/16/ (FULL CALL) - Duration: Richard.

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26, Photo: The Howard Stern Show. Howard started off the show playing a clip of Eric the Midget kicking people out of his "American Idol".

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22, Photo: The Howard Stern Show. Eric the Midget called in to say he wanted to hear more clips from his "American Idol" commentary.

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April 29, Photo: ABC. Eric the Midget called in so Howard used the opportunity to read an email that Robert Mills, the producer of "The Bachelor," sent him.

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I thought it was funnier to give in and call him Eric the Actor at that point. . meticulously catalogued and put together, but it ends in

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Eric Shaun Lynch (March 11, – September 20, ), better known as Eric the Midget and Eric was frequently at odds with The Howard Stern Show, its staff, its callers and its guests. Eric made one ().