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Immerse yourself in the world of Refereeing. This website provided acces to the Soccer Referee Community in USA. Be a member today and be part of history.

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Question: Several of us were discussing recent games and the subject of outside agents came up. Most of us have seen banners, umbrellas.

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The fan is considered to be an outside agent. If an outside agent enters the field of play the referee must stop play (although not immediately if.

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If an outside agent enters the field of play: − the referee shall stop play (although not immediately if the outside agent does not interfere with play). − the referee.

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Extra Persons. U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program Outside agents. Spectators Interference. Play is stopped; Outside agent is removed; Dropped ball.

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An "outside agent" (under any portion of the Laws of the Game) is anything controlled or controllable by man, such as a water balloon or a dog or a soccer mom.

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The referee in my opinion has to decide what effect the outside agent had on play and on the flight of the ball. If the ball was almost in the goal and the contact.