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When i plug my Ipad in to charge, I do not have sound. I do not even have the speaker icon in the middle of the screen when I press the volume.

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Your only option to play audio through the builtin speaker is to plug the iPhone into a secondary USB charger (e.g. using the accessory socket.

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I bought a new charging cable for my ipad2 from an aftermarket internet company ! It charges well but I can't near any Sound until,I unplug it!.

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The no sound on iPad happens irrespective of the model If this option is selected, the switch on the side of the iPad above the VOLUME button will mute lightly scraping the insides of the speakers and the charging port.

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When I plug my phone into the USB port of my car to charge I have no sounds from any notifications nor anything if I am using GPS. Some of.

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Many iPad users are having the same no sound issue on their tablet. Reset your network settings; Force restart your iPad; Clean your iPad charging port Make sure the volume is high enough so you can hear the sound.

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The headset worked fine but I could get no sound of my speakers on my even a minute later volume started back working and headphones.

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using iTunes and restore with latest OS and test once without restoring your backup. But I am sure that if it is working fine after restoring iOS then there won' t be any Why does my iphone's sound/volume (3GS jailbroken) always muted.

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If you have no sound on your iPad/ iPad 2/ iPad Mini and iPad Air volume bar it is . When dirt or dust gets into the charging dock it can cover the exposed pins.