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After meeting and marrying renowned restaurateur Michael Chow, After her relationship with Gere, Tina began seeing Kim d'Estainville.

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Of course, the one it ended tragically for was Tina Chow. . was able to devote herself more fully to her lover Kim d'Estainville, toying with then.

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In approaching her death from AIDS, Tina Chow found the sense of mission . it from the handsome and wellborn bisexual French playboy Kim D'Estainvillle.

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The one book “about” Tina Chow is titled Flair: Fashion Collected by Tina Chow. . to Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama, later with the French aristocrat Kim.

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Mr. Michael Chow, July at his home in LA Photo: Amanda Friedman . Lutz embarked on an affair with French aristocrat Kim d'Estainville.