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Kre-O Micro Changer Combiners is a Kre-O Transformers line consists of 4 or more Kreon Micro Changer figures together into a larger combined form. While the.

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As the first series of blind-bagged kreons to be produced, Micro-Changers added a major element of collectability to Kre-O. The completely opaque blind bags.

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Kre-O is the popular line of building block construction toys from Hasbro. First released in the Summer of , Hasbro debuted the line basing it upon the popular and iconic Transformers franchise. Provided Kre-O Transformers was successful, Hasbro would be expanding to other.

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Four Kreons per pack combine into one larger robot. Each set also comes with a single red stand-block, and extra.

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A story in the Autobot City News reported that scientists were baffled by the appearance of Micro-Changers. A number of.

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These products include items such as building kits, minifigures, combiners, and more! Character Profile information used from Kre-O Transformers Character.