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First make your two sackbots, and set them a bit of a ways away . [spoiler] Flying is one of the easiest and basic things you can do with a Sackbot .. with sackbots, I'm sure someone with more LBP2 experience could tell you.

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LBP2-Torials Sackbots, Followers And Checkpoints ยท LBP2-Torials Speed Create - Part 2 . Sackbot: Part 2 - Fly, Hover And Run Fast.

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I have a quick question regarding how to make my sackbot fly/float in in the Hansel and Gretelbot introduction scene (the flying floating fairy).

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You have to place a movie camera on the sackbot's microchip. . To kill the player if he is on a DCS on a flying hologram following a bot he controls However, I can create a level in LBP2 (when PSN comes back up) that can.

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The Bee allows you to freely fly around the level. With R1 held you can the door above. Lbp2 jpg Lbp2 jpg You'll be pretty weighed down, but you'll only need to make one trip, which is nice. After depositing.

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It's time for bees - fly on board this robot and pick up objects with R1. First collect three bubbles on the left and fly up. [1] Now you have to make courses with.

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Every creature that flies at the player is created because a Sackbot pressed . i wish i had the time to learn how to make levels. i'm just not that patient. They're counting the days (a few more now it seems) to LBP2's release.

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I have some ideas, but I need to know how to get the top down part to work. on the entrance and then I stopped flying and it emitted Another chip on my character. . 2) Make a sackbot, give him an anti-gravity tweaker, and a.

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Unlocking all the cool costume bits for your Sackbot is one of the most fun online with clothes you like and not being able to get them sucks.

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On LBP2 you are able to take a material and put a sticker on it, start using slice This simple glitch enables you to become a Sackbot, all you have to do is go into making sure it's the same type of character, like a Sackboy that flies, through.