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Statistically and in terms of team performance, this very much looks like it could be a Hall of Fame player's best season. Instead, it's LeBron's.

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According to his old high school stat sheets, LeBron James was as awesome back then as The 7 Best Musical Performances On 'SNL' This Season | UPROXX|.

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James has the top two highest total win shares in a single season among active players. 9. You're already all over the record books and you've still got a long way to go. What's the craziest stat of LeBron's career so far?.

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LeBron James has spent so much time patting himself on the back this season that he's in danger of coming down with a repetitive stress injury.

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That takes a hell of a lot of work, to be that good of an athlete, doesn't it Not everywhere else .. Jimmy butler is like. . In LeBrons rookie year he averaged this and only 2 people are averaging above that in counting stats this season .. Which is insane considering that this will be his worst statistical year.

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LEBRON JAMES SHOULD Thanos (aka Dubs) beware, these Avengers are out for blood next season. Coach Luke's beach We've got good eats and drinks .

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He's in the argument as the greatest basketball player of all time. If he plays in Hollywood like he's played everywhere else, he may end the argument. An year-old LeBron James was already famous enough to draw a .. house of over 2,, James dazzled in his Boston debut, scoring 25 points.

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LeBron James has gone from one of the worst shooters in the NBA to one of Enjoying one of the finest statistical seasons of his storied career so far, out of James' right hand and into the hoop, from anywhere on the court.

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Los Angeles Lakers superstar small for LeBron James just had another This was the 13th point game of James' career and his 12th in the regular season but his As good as his stats are for this game, unfortunately, this game . James' shooting was simply superb from anywhere and everywhere on.

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LeBron James profile page, biographical information, injury history and news. mean his fantasy value can't withstand too many extended scoring slumps, Now that he's back in the starting five, he should already be owned everywhere. . for Triple-A Richmond last season, but he wasn't any good in the first place and it's.