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Publishing House Little, Brown and Company (US) Price is US dollars Hard Cover pages California is one of the spellbinding works of fiction of the .

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Author: Nahid Kaiser || Published in February || Publisher: The Poetry Society of India || Cover Designed by Farhan Ishraq, Price: /-.

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REVIEWED BY MAHFUZ UL HASIB CHOWDHURY; Published by Daily Star Books in (Second Edition), Price: BDT 0. Share this with.

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Ken Follett, an eminent Welsh author of our time, has a superb knack for blending political events with the personal lives of people through his.

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10 hours ago Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury Bangladesh achieved independence but for the price of three million lives, an unforgettable bloodbath.

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Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury well as foreign angles for breakthroughs in eradicating poverty, raising literacy rate, enhancing digital services.

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Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury. Let's learn to Amounts of default loans are rising at an alarming rate but nobody seems to be concerned of it.