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Windsor Davies became the show's stand-out performer, with catchphrases including "Shut up!" and the sardonic "Oh dear, how sad, never mind". He described.

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We're all doomed or why there'll never be comedy like this again: As the creator of dad's Army dies, a joyous reminder of when comedy was politically incorrect.

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Windsor Davies (28 August – 17 January ) was a Welsh actor who performed in Another phrase was "Oh dear, how sad, never mind", delivered in a dry, ironic manner, and used when others around him had problems. Davies and.

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Now have the brilliant Windsor Davies 's character on a T-shirt, complete with a choice of slogans:L Shut Up! or Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind. OH DEAR.

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His character was best known for dryly delivering the phrase “Oh dear, how sad, never mind” whenever someone around him had problems.

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Windsor Davies: It Ain't Half Hot Mum actor dies aged 88 And who can forget the classic "whispering grass" How does this work?.

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Oh dear, how sad, nevermind. Oh dear, how sad, nevermind. Watch. Play. PausePlay. % buffered UnmuteMute. Disable.

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Explore oh dear, how sad, never mind's photos on Flickr!.

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Following the death of Windsor Davies, there appears to have been no call for any kind of rehabilitation of the unmentionable It Ain't Half Hot.