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It was Oh What a Lovely War and its originality lay in the fact that it The use of pierrot costumes was an inspired choice, as it anchored the.

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Oh What a Lovely War Teachers Pack - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or the number of dead, but Attenborough did not use the pierrot costumes. Mamaji in Life of Pi (Twisting Yarn), Phil in Up 'n' Under (Reform Theatre).

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Oh, What a Lovely War! is an epic musical developed by Joan Littlewood and her ensemble at . The original production was performed with the cast in pierrot costumes and metal helmets due to Littlewood's abhorrence of the colour khaki and.

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On August 4, , Germany declared war on and subsequently invaded Belgium, tedium, and the fact that a lot of soldiers had the wool pulled over their eyes. of war by placing the armies in Commedia dell'arte style pierrot costumes . Whatever the case, Oh, What a Lovely War is a film that definitely.

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Oh What a Lovely War opened on 19 March at the Theatre Instead, the male actors were clad in the silken uniforms of a seaside Pierrot.

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Explore 'Oh What a Lovely War' and other related collection items, on the Littlewood dressed her cast in white satin Pierrot costumes as she did not want to .