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Parts of the coverlock 1 Upper needle-thread tension 25 Clamp spring for serging thread chains Your new coverlock can take any material in its.

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Be sure to ALWAYS RAISE the presser foot when threading! mediafiles/threading_guide/ ยท PFAFF coverlock.

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Instruction Manual, Pfaff Coverlock Details. Pfaff Coverlock Sewing Machine Instruction Manual, 72 Pages. You May Also Like. Free Technical.

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If no Pfaff dealer is listed in the yellow pages of your phone book, Maybe your serger can be fixed by any general sewing repair place if it is.

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Computerized; Needle Threader; Adjustable Stitch Length and Width; Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure; 3 Thread Serger; 4 Thread Serger; 5 Thread Serger.

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A Serger review for a Pfaff Serger reviewed by SassySan. Serger If they both are 5 thread machines do they do the same stitches?.

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For the parts that is not specific for coverstyle can parts from the Pfaff coverlock. / / 62 THREAD GUIDE PLATE 12 . 7. THREADING CHART .. SEWING MACHINE COVER.

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I know it has a thread sequence that must be followed exactly and I do this, but The pfaff is not computerized; it is a basic serger that gets the job done - 5.