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The progenation machines used in that conflict were able to create and grow a new offspring in a matter of moments. Jenny, the Tenth Doctor's.

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They possessed Progenation machines and generation chambers like the humans with The Tenth Doctor, arriving before the human or Hath armies, broke the.

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Cash was one of Cline's soldiers on Messaline. He secured the Doctor inside the progenation machine but was killed in a Hath attack. (TV: The Doctor's.

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How to grow soilders using a Messaline Progenation machine. This is also how to make the Doctors daughter Jenny. Into Doctor Who?.

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This is a list of notable or recurring items from the BBC television series Doctor Who. Contents. 1 C. Celery; Chameleon circuit. 2 E. Eye of Harmony.

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"The Doctor's Daughter" is the sixth episode of the fourth series of British science fiction The soldiers force the Doctor to stick his hand into a progenation machine, which uses his DNA to generate a female soldier who becomes the Doctor's.

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Jenny, portrayed by Georgia Moffett, is a fictional character in the long-running British science on the planet in a Progenation Machine, a device that instantly creates a fully grown and educated new person, and the Doctor recognises her.

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This is a list of items from the BBC television series Doctor Who, as well as its A progenation machine is a device in "The Doctor's Daughter" that artificially.