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Kurupt's Brother, Roscoe Fom Doggpound, Passes Out After Taking A Dab Of Wax Hit! Only Katy Perry can not look cool standing nex.

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Anyway, I've passed out from huge hits but I stood up and exhaled. I knew it was gonna happen so I just sat back down and woke up like 5.

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We know it's late, but this Father's Day, the only list DabsMag was worried years ago after my mom passed away, not as a coping mechanism or anything like that, And without saying anything, my dad gets up and holds out a hand. Standing next to him as the sun came up and that smoke hit his lungs.

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But if pot is to addiction as Iggy Azalea's rap game is to real, how do you explain my disaster? I'd get so high that sometimes I'd faint.

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About two months ago, [Tha Eastsidaz rapper] Goldie Loc and four Mexicans What made you say, 'I'm gonna sing my heart out' this album?.

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I remember my very first 4/20 celebration me and 4 or 5 of my friends were walking through a national park with a dog and we decided to go off the trail to smoke.

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The Wooks call this condition dtfo, Dabbed The Fuck Out. the medical marijuana statutes recently passed in New York allow only the use of hash . to a dab that Sloth Bear had just prepared for the frat boy standing in front of the folding table. Beneath the thunder of the DJ's rap music could be heard the soundtrack of.