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Rattling Sound when engine under load or uphill It's pretty subtle - you only really notice it if you are driving alongside a cut in the hillside.

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If the accessory drive system is the root that car makes rattling noise when accelerating, you can remove the belt and spin each of the pulleys to.

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My 6-spd has recently begun to exhibit a weird rattling sound from the engine area when I'm driving uphill at moderate RPM. It's a bit.

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When I press the gas to accelerate or go uphill, I hear a rattling sound coming from the front of the car. I know nothing about cars so I am not.

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You start your car and hear a rattling noise you've never heard before. You may hear them when you start your car, when you drive it or when.

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Find solutions to your rattling noise transmission going uphill question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on rattling noise transmission going uphill.

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Hi guys, I got a really weird whirring/rattling noise coming from the intake side of the engine on steep uphill driving while accelerating.

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Sounds like pre-ignition (known as "pinking" in the U.K. or "pinging" in the U.S.) normally caused by ignition timing being over advanced or.

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Hi, I'm hearing a rattling noise when I'm accelerating uphill. My friend told me to buy a gas in a different gas station or use a gas with a higher.