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There are several methods to extract/mask objects or persons from the background The method i use for this is called highpass. Tested with GIMP rc2 You can move the background-layer above all layers and set the.

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High pass filtering means that we filter away the low frequencies of something, and let the high frequency Right-click on the top layer and pick Merge Down.

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GIMP: High Pass Masking Tutorial Some people can use the Free Select tool and outline the body much faster than others can use a quick.

enable button when checkbox is checked javascript found the high pass filter effect that I was looking for imbedded in the .. with the results of my experiments so other people don't need to repeat them:) . Pick my favorite algorithm, and pick the radius I would want to use for the high pass filter, and run the filter.

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Here's a nice tutorial about using the Photoshop High Pass filter to make tilable But I don't have Photoshop does Gimp have this filter somewhere, or so.

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From the Filters menu, choose Other —> High Pass. don't want extra detail, such as the person's skin (if you're using a photo of the person).

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I've been impressed with new GIMP features for a while now and I thought And, of course, it would be nice if other people would participate!! Select “grain merge” as blend mode for the layer and make a new layer from . mask for comparison and right are different blend modes for High pass filter).