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Blackwell — “Tiny” — is 47 now and living in Kirkland. prostitute, and the star of the Academy Award-nominated documentary “Streetwise.” . (They were later raised with the help of Blackwell's aunt, Katie Barfield.).

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Blackwell, aka Tiny, is now dangerously overweight, a mother of ten children, the star of Mark and Martin Bell's documentary Streetwise: a haunting, the footage they shot together in the intermediate decades into an.

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A new book revisits that journey and sees where they are now. A documentary photographer-filmmaker whose book and film (alongside.

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It's a documentary that has spawned countless discussions on Streetwise's backstory begins with Bell's wife, the late, great They found a pack of homeless kids hanging out on Pike Street in downtown. And now, 32 years later, he has made a follow-up film, Tiny: The Life of Erin Blackwell ().

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Streetwise is a documentary film by director Martin Bell. It followed in the wake of a July Thrown too young into a seedy, grown-up world, these runaways and "Little Justin" Reed Early authored a book, Street Child: A Memoir, based on his experience as a homeless child and now works as an advocate for.

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Sometime in the early eighties, director Martin Bell and photographer Mary Ellen Mark did an amazing doucmentary called "Streetwise.

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Streetwise. likes · 56 talking about this. In the 70's 80's & 90's there was a little known population on the streets of Seattle: We were known as.

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They are there to sell drugs to each other, or their bodies to 'dates'. This is where they live. Now, in the documentary film Streetwise, their lives.

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Times got a little rough for me after 'Streetwise,' but she was there for me. Brando on the set of “Apocalypse Now” with a giant beetle on his bald head. She didn't forget about the kids once the documentary had its run, and.