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He is actually a painting and Olive meets him in her first encounter with the shadows. Morton is a small boy, and he is still adjusting to.

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The Books of Elsewhere:The Shadows. BB The main character is a 11 year old girl named Olive. Olive is a girl that's kind, helpful, and wants.

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The Books of Elsewhere is a fantasy series for young readers written by Jacqueline West. Beginning with The Shadows, the series follows the adventures of.

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Eleven-year-old Olive Dunwoody leads a lonely life. She is blessed to have the love of her parents, but they are very dedicated mathematicians.

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The Second Spy: The Books of Elsewhere, Volume 3 Readers will get wrapped up in a story where the characters can step into pictures Annabelle lurks in the shadows trying to outsmart Olive into inviting her in the house.

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In this atmospheric book, readers sense the danger lurking in shadows. Fans of The Books of Elsewhere must read STILL LIFE as it's the ultimate of Elsewhere, and digs into the origins and Aldous McMartin's character.

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The Shadows has ratings and reviews. Adam said: Rarely do I, as a male, identify with female characters. However, in the case of Olive I was ab.

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Bestselling author of The Books of Elsewhere and Dreamers Often Lie Beginning with New York Times best seller The Shadows, follow the adventures of.

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You can help The Books Of Elsewhere Wiki by expanding it. Olive and Morton running from the shadows (right), and Olive in the attic with the spectacles on.