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Dec 1, Are you getting ready for thyroid cancer surgery? You probably have a few Surgery Answered. What to expect after your thyroid is removed.

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Read about what to expect after having surgery for thyroid cancer, who can help you and what might make things easier.

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May 27, The first line of treatment for papillary thyroid cancer, also known as papillary Plus, most patients report very little discomfort after surgery.

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After surgery, the patient will have a sore throat. Thyroid surgery: Recovery Patients who are discharged the day of the operation should expect to spend up to six If patients have cancer, the thyroid replacement dose and type of thyroid .

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Jul 7, But if you've been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, you may be feeling anxious But ask your doctor what to expect after your particular surgery.

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Apr 15, Most people do very well after treatment, but follow-up care can continue for a lifetime. This is very important since most thyroid cancers grow.