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The color Volt is used by Nike in several of their athletic products, most notably their Air Max 90 Hyperfuse sneakers, which were introduced.

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The color volt with hexadecimal color code #ceff00 is a shade of yellow-green. In the RGB color model #ceff00 is comprised of % red, % green and 0%.

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Volt is a signature electric green-yellow variant that is used in several athletic products by Nike. This neon color the same as Electric Lime and similar to the.

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If you have an idea, submit your entry on the Chevrolet Volt Facebook page (click the link on the left for "Volt Color Naming Contest"), Chevrolet.

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Take a look at colorized images for all of the available color options for the Chevrolet Volt - interior, exterior colors by style and trim.

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The most dominant color in sneakers for the past five years has been Volt. It is the first color that I can remember in the sneaker industry to.