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Well guess what? YOU CAN! (yay) There are now 3 official ways you can get platinum without spending any of your (or your parents) money.

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If a player has filled all of their weapon/warframe slots, they will have to buy a slot or sell one of their weapons/warframes for credits to free up a slot.

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Now, if you're looking for an article that will teach you how to get a large amount of platinum very very quickly then this is not the article you.

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Platinum is the in-game premium-like currency of Warframe. the absolute best methods to get it so you always have more than enough for all.

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Other than spending real money, you can get platinum through trade, winning contests, or giveaways. [1] You need to be at least Mastery Rank.

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i want to know how do i get platinum in my acount without spending YouTube ™ Video: Warframe | How to do Vault Runs for Corrupted Mods.

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Check dutch-internship.com for prices. Would you rather have 15 platinum or 3, Endo? . Do you get platinum from selling certain items?.

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How to Get Free Platinum in Warframe doesn't have to be a complicated process thanks to this guide, which helps you get around.

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Our Warframe Platinum guide will walk you through how to get, earn, and best spend this crucial part of the game's economy.