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People of all ages can get dehydrated, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Find out more about the signs and causes and who's more.

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Dehydration is especially common and dangerous for infants, young children and older adults. Learn more about treating and preventing.

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6 Unusual Signs of Dehydration You Should Know About . liters of water a day ( or about 12 cups), and most men get about liters a day (or.

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Mild dehydration doesn't usually cause problems, but if it isn't treated it can become severe dehydration, which is a medical emergency.

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Dark-colored urine and thirst are classic signs that someone is dehydrated. The simple solution is to drink more. But when dehydration occurs in the very young.

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Are you dehydrated? Feeling thirsty is not the only way to tell- find out what other warning signs are there.

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Men in a study on dehydration reported they felt fatigue, lethargy, and tiredness. These symptoms may be due to low blood pressure caused by.

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Everyone gets dehydrated from time to time, but chronic dehydration is much more serious. Treating it often requires more than just drinking.