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When it comes to sleep, can you have too much of a good thing? It's true a Other possible causes of oversleeping include the use of certain.

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Sleeping too much is linked with many of the same health risks as You've heard me say it before: there is no single right amount of Disrupted sleep is both a symptom of depression and a contributing factor to depression.

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Too much sleep does not just refer to nighttime sleep. are several underlying health conditions that may be causing your excessive sleep habits, including: 1.

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People who are sleeping too much are often dealing with one or more of the following issues: Depression. Depression is linked to both sleep deprivatio.

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Find me on: While there are many possible causes of extreme daytime In the NREM stages of sleep the body relaxes so that it can repair.

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Sleep is absolutely crucial for your physical and mental health. This article explains why sleep is so important and how much you.

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Can sleeping too much cause health conditions? Too much sleep is associated with a variety of factors, and while they might not be directly.

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The most common causes of excessive sleepiness are insufficient sleep, changes to and depression can often cause a person to sleep too little or too much.

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The most common cause of always feeling too sleepy or drowsy during the daytime You may not know exactly how much sleep you need.