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Later after surgery, the area of the incisions can still cause surface irritation, with use of artificial tears (lubricant eye drops) to soothe the eyes.

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Dry eye after cataract surgery is not common five months after the surgery. There are multiple causes for dry eyes. A relatively common problem.

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Corneal refractive surgery patients are treated postop for dry eye for at of dry eyes, ocular irritation, and foreign body sensation after cataract surgery? cataract patients strong medications, which can cause further ocular.

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Typical cataract surgery recovery time, what to expect after surgery, and tips for cause your vision to become cloudy months or years after cataract removal.

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Infections after cataract surgery are rare, but if you have one, you'll get a shot of antibiotics It's an emergency that could cause loss of vision.

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Subjects were eyes of patients undergoing cataract surgery with Total subjective symptom score was significantly decreased in the.