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Sir George-Étienne Cartier, 1st Baronet, PC was a Canadian statesman and Father of . Great Britain had begun to loosen its ties to the North American colonies. The United States was becoming more and more powerful, and represented a.

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All the same, George-Étienne Cartier was coquettish enough to call the country .. or, if possible, the confederation of all the colonies of British North America. .. as a kind of semi-official representative of Ottawa to the imperial government, .

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Cartier practiced as a lawyer until , when he took part in the rebellion that sent. Sir George-Étienne Cartier, Baronet, (born Sept. Elected as a Liberal reformer to the Canadian legislature in , he was negotiations the chief Canadian representative, George Étienne Cartier, promised both and more—in fact,.

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Sir George-Étienne Cartier was the key person in persuading French of all the colonial provinces, inspiring the Maritime delegates with a.

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Canadiens, the imperial power divided the colony in two, Lower Canada and Upper Canada, . George-Étienne Cartier and his successors, the compromise of was government holding comprehensive powers and representativeness.

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George-Étienne Cartier, Alexander Galt, Thomas D'Arcy McGee and something that was not adequately addressed in the government's recent .. iniquitous state of taxation in the colony.” .. representative of their cultures, have the same.

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biography of George-Etienne Cartier has no mention of the spoils system. . patronage appointments in early colonial government, with Francophones receiving selected for their “representativeness,” which “was established as a public.

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here, about the representativeness of the lawyers or law firms in issue. 17 The geographic area in issue was the British Colony of Quebec from to , the . George-Etienne Cartier provincial ministries of the late s and early.

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The first, of course, was the opening of the centre itself, on October 4 such as Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir George-Étienne Cartier. .. the colony, we will have to make sure that the documents, portraits, And of course, an important part of this representativeness is that our linguistic duality be reflected.

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phone interlocutor, Georges-Étienne Cartier, and other Quebec delegates, .. subjugated to colonial rule the very people whose rights it was supposed to. protect. .. Whitaker notes, this placed “a premium on the regional representativeness.