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achshav. Alternative Spellings. ahshav, akhshav. Definitions. Now, immediately. Example Sentences. "Yeledim, it's time to go to school, achshav!" Languages of.

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It is "?מה עכשיו" in Hebrew, and it means "what now.

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What is the meaning of Akshav? How popular is the baby name Akshav? Learn the origin and popularity plus how to pronounce Akshav.

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The Ethiopian Jewish population in Israel is a true miracle in of itself. . Israel does not have the luxury to fail because doing so could mean the.

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Hebrew English online translation. Hebrew English dictionary, monolingual Hebrew dictionary and other resources for the Hebrew language.

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(“at-at-at”) has become the Hebrew “ototo” (oh-toh-TOH), meaning “right away.” Ototo is more immediate than “now” (“akshav”) and arguably even than unlike the other terms, actually does mean “now” to South Africans.

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GEVIROT, Ladino, Spanish Jewish, לָדִינוֹ סְפָרַדִּית יְהוּדִית. LADINO .. SAM SYM, Do; Make; Act, To, פָּעַל PhA"AL . HITKHAVEN, Means of doing something, אֶמצָעוּת בְּאֶמְצָעוּת אֶמצָעִי .. "AKSHAV "AKSHAYV KHA"ET " ATHAH.

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Translations in context of "Akshay" in English-Hebrew from Reverso Context: Akshay tried to seem spiritual like Rachel, butlnever really believed it.