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Aug 26, Depends on context: los dos can be translated literally the two of them or both of them. Los dos hemanitos (by the Brothers Grim).

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a. both. No puedo escoger; ¡quiero ambos!I can't choose; I want both! both came; ambos tenéis los ojos azules you've both got blue eyes; ambos a dos both; .

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You can say "both" in Spanish by using "ambos" or "los dos" when "both" means " two," but sometimes you need to be more creative.

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They are almost the same. Los dos means the two. For example: I like the two girls in the class (Me gustan las dos chicas en la clase). Ambos.

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Ambos translated from Spanish to English including synonyms, definitions, and related words. ambos (los dos.) both Translation Matrix for ambos: Wiktionary Translations for ambos: ambos. en-det. each of two; one and the other .

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Do you remember the two/three/four children who came and asked In the following, it means "both", so both los dos and ambos are possible.