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Save all your email but keep your Inbox tidy. Find out how to archive email in a virtual vault for safekeeping and un-archive it if you need it again.

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Is it true that you are moving emails/messages into yahoo mail inbox with the goal that you can reference or discover them later? Do you like keeping emails you get, yet wish you had an uncluttered inbox without deleting them? Archives helps you delete emails or messages from the.

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To move emails out of the inbox in Yahoo Mail, you must delete them or move them There's no equivalent of Gmail's archive function that moves messages from the Recover Emails From the Spam in AOL · What Does Unified Email Mean?.

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I'm planning to close my Yahoo mail account, but I often find the need to search my files for old emails. I'd like to Actually, I did try that. I had so much archived mail that Gmail stopped importing at a certain point. Not sure.

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Archiving email means that your email isn't in your inbox but it is still readily You can do this manually or using a message filter.

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Do you like keeping emails you receive, but wish you had a clean and We're here for you, with the new Yahoo Mail archive feature on.

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Group and organize, label and archive, move to spam or apply any actions to your called Yahoo Mail, back in , which means that there are now countless might also want to check your inbox during the day, but always do so mindfully.