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hulk definition: 1. the body of an old ship, car, or very large piece of equipment that is broken and no longer used: 2. a large, heavy, awkward person or thing: 3.

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Hulk definition is - a heavy clumsy ship. How to use hulk in a sentence.

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Hulk definition, the body of an old or dismantled ship. See more. “Now the next thing is to get aboard the hulk,” was Dick's thought. The Dare Boys of

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Incredible Hulk, the meaning, definition, what is Incredible Hulk, the: a character in a US comic (=a magazine w: Learn more.

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Ships become hulks when they're retired due to age, or damaged in a storm. Another meaning of hulk, "enormous person," is rooted in this ship meaning.

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Hulks usually refer to green-colored generic bars scored three times and imprinted with Top definition Man keep talkin shit, that ass is about to get Hulked!.

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Definition of hulk - an old ship stripped of fittings and permanently moored, especially for use as storage or What are retronyms, and why do they exist?.

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Hulk definition: The hulk of something is the large, ruined remains of it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.