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A serged edge is shown below. If you look on the inside of the shirt your wearing you will probably see a serged seam. The thread blends with the fabric (unlike.

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A hem in sewing is a garment finishing method, where the edge of a piece of cloth is folded Hems can be serged (see serger), hand rolled and then sewn down with tiny stitches (still seen as a high-class finish to handkerchiefs), pinked with.

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Our parachutes and streamers come with serged hems. A serged hem consists of having three separate threads wrapped around the fabric edge so that it.

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This is what a serged hem looks like up close: Maybe you have a dress, skirt, shirt or even a That means I only need three spools of thread.

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Serged definition, to overcast (unfinished seams or edges, as in a fabric or rug), especially by machine, in order to prevent fraying. See more.

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A serged hem will sew two pieces of fabric together with a neat edge that the serged edge means you only have to make one fold in the hem.

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Serge along the raw edge of the hem, aligning the cut edge with your serger blade. Try to shave off a few threads as you serge, as this will.