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Birch was drawn to one depicting a yellow equal sign inside of a blue square. in turn, help draw attention to HRC's work by placing the sticker on their cars and .

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Another reason to scrape that blue equal sign sticker off your bumper HRC does not serve the interests of me and many of my friends and many I mean, if you're not a traditional nuclear heterosexual family unit, you're.

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red equal signs take over facebook the birth of a marriage equality meme mainstream opinion has shifted substantially, it does mean that the.

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Tell me what this bumper sticker means please. 49 posts The yellow equal sign on blue background is their symbol. Look for . Well, do you know immediately what a white diagonal line through a red field means? (divers) I.

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Remember those pink equal signs plastered all over Facebook a few months ago in The Massachusetts "pro-family" organization MassResistance does, and " We've just 'come out' with our own sticker," they quip on their website, "that.

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And the third, was a bumper sticker on a car that I was driving behind this evening again, a black square with Is there a deeper meaning behind this symbol? Closest I can find is yellow equal sign on a blue background.

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Equal sign bumper stickers stand for the Human Rights Campaign. This is an organization that promotes fairness and equal rights for members of the gay.

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Trying to figure out this bumper sticker I've been seeing around here (Buffalo, NY) . Almost square, sporting a thick yellow equals sign (?) on a.