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Document for issue as handout. Unique Identifier: CS40(18). Review date: May Ladywell Building. Dietetic Department. Polymeric diet.

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Unfortunately, IBD patients often ask questions about diet without receiving . Enteral nutrition (polymeric, semi-elemental and elemental) are liquid diets.

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The polymeric diet was administered through a fine bore nasogastric tube by continuous, pump assisted infusion ( (SEM ) kcal/day). The steroid group.

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They can be divided into three different types: elemental diets, semi-elemental diets, polymeric diets. The difference depends on the size of the protein.

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I have just been put on a polymeric diet for six weeks, can I drink fruit teas instead of just water?.

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Looking for online definition of polymeric diet in the Medical Dictionary? polymeric diet explanation free. What is polymeric diet? Meaning of polymeric diet.

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Because they are made from the building blocks of foods, they are Polymeric formulas contain whole proteins, complex carbohydrates and long chain.

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Crohn's Disease and DietGIST+ Elemental ( predigested), semi-elemental, and polymeric diets were compared by meta- analyses.

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One of the major differences between chemically defined 'elemental diets' and standard polymeric liquid diets used for enteral feeding is that.

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A nutritional drink that may help people who cannot get everything they need in their diet from foods and other drinks. It may be taken by mouth or given through.