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User Info: Dazarath. Dazarath 6 years ago#5. I think gil is basically like score. It has no actual use as far as I can see.

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is a recurring ability in the series, and is primarily used by flying enemies to deal varying Dive is the ability of Aquagel, Cockatrice, and Sea Ibis, which inflicts.

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Critical is an enemy ability used by Bahamut, Lieutenant, Vata, Flan Princess, Hellhound, and Imperio. It deals double the damage of a regular physical attack.

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Can be used two-handed. The Heaven's Cloud is found in the Sunken Gelnika and is Cloud's third-strongest sword, providing 93 Attack and Hit, as well.

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Sora's new freedom of movement seems like it would gel really well with the Still, graphically it looks really good (just have to get used to it), and Tangled as a . Show FFATB footage with the sprites palette-swapped for KH.

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