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A market garden is the relatively small-scale production of fruits, vegetables and flowers as produce stores. Market gardening and orchard farming are closely related to horticulture, which concerns the growing of fruits and vegetables.

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Their businesses range from the 1-acre market garden that provides extra income for retirement or college, to the acre vegetable farm that supports several.

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A market garden, also called a micro-farm, is a small plot of land – a very small farm – where fruits, vegetables and flowers are grown and sold to the public.

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Learn from the experience of a seasoned farmer and you, too, will be able to grow a successful and fulfilling market gardening career on less acreage than you.

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principles of gardening are applicable. The goal, as with all farm enterprises, is to run the operation as a business and to make a profit. Market gardening is often.

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In order to accomplish such high production goals and to satisfy his five different marketing outlets (CSA, farmers' market, farm stand, wholesale accounts, and a.