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A Pinocytic vesicle is a structure which helps in the Pinocytic process, where the small particles are bought into the cell, forming an infolding or.

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A pinocytotic vesicle is a structure that aids in transportation as a cell's plasma membrane absorbs molecules from outside. dutch-internship.com describes this process as taking place when the exterior membrane enfolds the molecule prior to transport into the cell's cytoplasm.

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In cellular biology, pinocytosis, otherwise known as fluid endocytosis and bulk- phase These pinocytotic vesicles subsequently fuse with lysosomes to hydrolyze (break "Basic Immunology: Functions and Disorders of the Immune System.

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Pinocytotic definition, the transport of fluid into a cell by means of local infoldings by the cell membrane so that a tiny vesicle or sac forms around each droplet.

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Looking for online definition of Pinocytic vesicle in the Medical Dictionary? Pinocytic vesicle explanation free. What is Pinocytic vesicle? Meaning of Pinocytic.

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Looking for online definition of pinocytotic vesicle in the Medical Dictionary? pinocytotic indicates that intracellular digestion may be one of their functions.

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This tutorial introduces pinocytosis. The molecules inside of the newly created vesicles can then be digested or dutch-internship.com

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Pinocytosis is the method by which a cell absorbs small particles outside the cell When the cell membrane has fully pinched off the invagination, a vesicle is.

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Pinocytosis is a form of endocytosis that involves the formation of membrane Caveolae are examples of micropinocytotic vesicles that are found in the cell such as protein that are necessary for normal cell functioning.

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Pinocytosis: Pinocytosis, a process by which liquid droplets are ingested by gathering them into special membrane-bound vesicles contained within the cell.