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Doric, the popular name for Mid Northern Scots or Northeast Scots, refers to the Scots language as spoken in the northeast of Scotland. There is an extensive.

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Doric language may refer to: Doric Greek, an Ancient Greek dialect; Doric dialect (Scotland), a variety of the Scots language.

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Doric dialect may refer to: Doric Greek, a Greek dialect; Doric dialect (Scotland), a Scots dialect. Disambiguation icon. Disambiguation page providing links to.

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The origins of the Scottish Doric language with a description of this dialect and example words.

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Perhaps the most outstanding alternative name to emerge was 'Doric'. The first Scot to apply the name Doric – as an alternative name for the Scots language in.

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Doric is a dialect of the Scottish language, which you may notice in both how some of the words are written and pronounced below, as well as the reference to .

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Scots is one of the main languages of Scotland but even Scots has numerous dialects, one of which is Doric, the dialect of Aberdeen.