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Sometimes eye floaters are a sign of a serious issue. Your doctor will replace the vitreous with a solution to maintain the shape of your eye.

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Many people over age 50 experience eye floaters. incision (vitrectomy) and replaces it with a solution to help your eye maintain its shape.

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What you see isn't actually the floater itself, but the shadow it casts onto the retina . Floaters move as your eyes move. They appear to zoom.

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Eye floaters appear as small spots that drift through your field of vision. They may He'll remove the vitreous and replace it with a salt solution.

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Learn about causes and treatments of eye floaters. Eye floaters may be bothersome, but they are not dangerous. Health Solutions From Our Sponsors.

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Your body naturally creates new vitreous that will gradually replace this solution. Vitrectomy doesn't always remove eye floaters completely. New floaters can still.

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However, a sudden increase in floaters, possibly accompanied by light flashes or A retinal detachment occurs when any part of the retina, the eye's water, you will not notice any change between the salt solution and the original vitreous.

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The first step in managing eye floaters starts with Eye Floaters Relief. Use several times a day to relief floaters, dark sports, and shapes in your vision.

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Vitreous fluid in the iris contains visible fibers that look like specks of dust or wispy threads. Learn more from Cleveland Clinic about eye floaters.