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This is a list of common tapas dishes. Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, Also called pinchos de encurtidos, are cold tapas made from small food items pickled in vinegar and skewered together. They are also known as gildas.

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A tapa is an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine and translates to small portion of any kind of . In origin, a tapa was a free portion of food, generally small, served with any drink ordered. In Spain, tapas are traditional in Andalusia, Murcia .

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Spanish tapas, or small plates, vary in size and style from town to town, and their origin may come as a surprise.

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Tapas is not a particular type of food. Anything can be tapas: paella, croquettes, ham and cheese on toast, truly anything. As long as it is small.

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Our mix & match tapas dishes are perfect finished with a refreshing glass (or jug!) of sangria. It makes a delicious light vegetarian meal or an easy tapas dish.

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Tapa: Tapa, a Spanish appetizer, served hot or cold, that is typically eaten at bars with a drink intended to complement the food, much like the French hors.

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While you may see the word tapas used on menus in Portugal, do not be . Discover Porto's food secrets and have a wonderfully personal experience on our .

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Some of these pre-dinner snacks nod to Spain, where tapas originated, while others take cues from other parts of the world. The commonality.

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In Spain, tapas are essentially considered their own food group. This style of eating - small, bit-size servings of various dishes - has grown.